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Brennan Healing Science is a non-inasive, hands-on type of spiritual/energy healing.  It reaches to all levels of an individual's Being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In the holistic view, illness (whether physical or psychological) is considered to be an imbalance in the individual's energy field that is sending a message to the individual.

In response to the unique needs of the individual, the therapist uses various healing techniques to repair, strengthen, clear and re-balance the energy field.  This enhances the healing potential within each person and promotes health and wholeness without harmful side effects.

Some of the possible benefits:

  • Relaxation

  • Stress/anxiety reduction

  • Re-orientation to life's purpose

  • Greater sense of well being

  • Dealing with emotional issues

  • Pain relief

  • Faster healing after surgery and acute injuries  

  • Useful in treatment of chronic illness (e.g. fibromyalgia, colitis, autoimmune disease)

  • Enhanced spiritual awareness and connection.

Brennan Healing Science may be used alone or in association with other complementary or medical treatments.   It does not take the place of medical diagnosis and treatment.


About Myself

Luella Sinha grew up in rural Manitoba. Following nurses training at the Grace General Hospital, she has worked in medical, surgical nursing and palliative care as well as nursing research and in Northern Manitoba. After marriage and as the children were growing up, she started attending the University of Manitoba to complete degrees in Nursing and Psychology. Along the way she and her husband lived for a year in Japan where he was on a transfer of work for Agriculture Canada. Much later she attended a Barbara Brennan workshop and then entered the Barbara Brennan School of Healing becoming the first Brennan graduate to practice in Manitoba. 

This was followed by two years of traveling back and forth to Montreal to study Hakomi therapy, another therapy that has had a direct influence on her work.

For the last eight years she has been studying Relational Energy Therapy with Dean Ramsden, formerly Dean of second year at BBSH. Working with and incorporating the principles of Relational Energy has transformed her practice.


H. Luella Sinha

BN, BHS, Certified Reflexologist

582 Queenston St.

Winnipeg, MB, R3N 0X3


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Relational Energy Therapy

As we go through life we form energetic connections with family, friends and others that come into our lives.   Life then becomes a journey of finding out who "I" am in the midst of all these relationships.   The relational dynamic that we experience with others in our lives are vitally important and can influence our happiness as well as personal and spiritual development.

Energetic connections form between chakras in the individuals involved in a relationship and reflect the quality of the relationship whether vital and alive or toxic and depressing or somewhere in between.   These energetic cords form the wiring underneath our relationships and help to make the relationship clearer, letting us know how our needs are or are not being met.  We grow as individuals through our relationships and as we bring the energy of the connection back into us we create our own reality by giving meaning to what happens in our lives.   By clearing, cleaning and repairing these energetic cord connections we can enhance our ability to have healthier relationships.

This can be accomplished through healing work either in person or at a distance.  Through the healing, space is created for something new to come into one's life.  The clearing and balancing may open the individual to new ways of understanding the importance of a particular relationship and to developing different ways of responding in certain situations.  Also the clearing and untangling allows these cords to function at their best in both receiving and transmitting emotional and belief information from others and toward others.  This clearing forms a foundation from which the client can make powerful shifts in how they perceive themselves as well as in relationships with other.  Over time some relationships fade away and the impact on our chakra system diminishes as we make changes and move on with our lives.  In certain very rare cases, however, where there is toxic emotional abuse that does not end, the client may empower the healer to cut the cord connection.  This is only used as a last resort when no other option is available. 

This therapy is oriented toward following the lead of the client's own process rather than having something imposed by the therapist.  This work is subtle rather than dramatic and takes time to see results.  This work is not for everyone, however, as there needs to be a time commitment on the part of the client and a willingness to examine oneself and one's relationships.   When that commitment is made, I have found in my healing practice that this becomes a powerful addition to one's own personal process.  This work does not interfere with any other treatments the individual may be receiving whether traditional or alternative. 

Cord Cutting

In my ongoing studies in Relational Energy Therapy, there were many discussions about working with energetic cords: clearing, cleaning, untangling and sometimes removal.   Eventually the desirability of cord cutting came up as a remedy that has sometimes been promoted and used by other healers.  However, this is a drastic step and not one to be taken lightly.  How strongly does the client feel about this procedure and is there an understanding of the finality of an act like this. 

In my practice I had the opportunity to cut specific cords for a client as a last resort in dealing with the effects of a toxic relationship.    For many years within this relationship, my client had been financially drained, stalked, betrayed by relatives and lived constantly with the awareness that energy was being drained out through these cords.  The final straw came as a result of a motor vehicle accident that could have been fatal.

I approached this procedure with some trepidation as this would be my first time in performing such an event and being fully aware of the magnitude of this act.  I felt guided to develop a ritual to bless and dedicate the knife I would use in the healing.   The ritual included drumming, smudging and prayer that this knife be dedicated to the Highest Good as it was used.   Once that was complete, my client and I scheduled the healing and she went through her own preparations.   The preparations that both of us did prior to the healing brought us into alignment with each other with regard to the purpose of the healing and that the cord cutting would be done with love and compassion without anger or resentment.

At the time of the healing, I connected to her field,, cleared the outside, then connected at her feet and grounded both of us.  Allowing the earth energies to flow through both of us provided stability for the remainder of the healing.  As the cord was cut the effect for my client was instantaneous as she could feel immediately that the situation had changed dramatically.   I continued to surround that space on the chakra with healing energy.   The remainder of the healing continued as usual.

Following the healing my client experienced considerable disorientation for several days.   Everything had shifted so completely that it took time to reorient herself to this new way of being.  She likened it to being re-born.   Since then there is the awareness that no longer is her energy being sucked dry.  That energy is now present for her to access and use.  Another benefit has been a release in her voice, making it easier to speak up and voice her truth.   There is a welcome sense of freedom and safety.


Distant Healing

As a part of spiritual healing, distant healing has fascinated me in that through the healing process I can connect to an individual many miles away and work with their energy field.  This interest led me to select the topic of Distant Healing for my senior project at BBSH.

Over the last two decades, discoveries in quantum physics show that we live in a Universe that is an interconnecting field of energy.*  Through this field everything becomes connected to everything else as part of an invisible sea of energy.  This connection to each other and to the world around us occurs at the most fundamental level of our Beings and consciousness.  We are constantly exchanging energy with this sea of energy surrounding us.  Distance, therefore, has no meaning in this form of healing.

While there is no physical connection in distant healing, the process is facilitated by some form of contact such as email, Skype, phone conversation, letter or a picture.  Typically I will have a short phone conversation with the client to learn about issues the client is dealing with and to obtain background information.  This connection also helps to foster a sense of safety for the client and, over time, deepens the intimacy of the relationship.  This process is a way of reaching through time and space to bring into conscious awareness a connection that can be of benefit to both healer and client as the energy goes both ways.  Through this connection that forms the healer then works with the energy field of the client.  In my practice that follows quite closely what that would look like were the client present with me.  From my own experience and reports from clients, distant healing can be just as effective as when there is physical contact. 

*McTaggart, Lynne.  The field.   Harper, Collins Publishers, 10 East 53rd St.  NY, NY. 10022, 2002.



Reflexology is an ancient healing art based on the finding that reflexes in the foot, hand and ear correspond to every organ and gland as well as to every other part of the body.
Through the application of pressure to these reflexes, the flow of vital energy is stimulated, leading to improvements in the b
blood, nerve and lymphatic supply.  The body is encouraged to work naturally to regain its
own healthy balance.  This safe, non-invasive therapy may help to stop further deterioration and strengthen and reinforce all systems in the body.  Reflexology may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.   Also reflexology is a very grounding therapy, allowing us to become more centered and connected to our roots.
It does not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe and is not a substitute for medical treatment.



I have been experiencing distant healing sessions with Luella for several years and I highly recommend the experience.  Luella has an extremely calming effect on my whole being.  Stress melts away and I feel a wonderful sense of well being.  The experience is very subtle yet powerful and I feel the calming effects for days.  Luella has a unique ability to put life into a perspective that can help clear thoughts and help you relax, reducing stress and lifting depression. I appreciate and feel so grateful to be able to work with Luella.   A deep felt thank you.

S. W.

Luella offered me deep presence and a nonjudgmental space.  It opened a doorway to my own reality, a place where I could be with myself and begin to accept and grow.  I felt a sense of safety with Luella that I never experienced before and, therefore, could tell her things that I couldn't share with anyone else, all the parts I kept hidden.  During Luella's sessions I dropped into a deep state and felt much more connected and relaxed afterward.  The work I did with Luella was an integral part of my healing journey.   I am still unaware of what exactly she does and only know that it is very helpful.

Luella is a very gifted healer who continues to grow in varied disciplines.  My journey began in 2007 and continued with physical sessions and with distance sessions after I left Manitoba, and both are equally effective.  The sessions themselves are very relaxing but the cumulative effects are outstanding in that one day you just realize you have  changed.  People and situations that once were troublesome no longer seem to be.  Because of her I was finally able to move forward with a lighter heart and I will always be glad that I found her.



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