"I have been experiencing distant healing sessions with Luella for several years and I highly recommend the experience.  Luella has an extremely calming effect on my whole being.  Stress melts away and I feel a wonderful sense of well being.  The experience is very subtle yet powerful and I feel the calming effects for days.  Luella has a unique ability to put life into a perspective that can help clear thoughts and help you relax, reducing stress and lifting depression. I appreciate and feel so grateful to be able to work with Luella.   A deep felt thank you."

"Luella offered me deep presence and a nonjudgmental space.  It opened a doorway to my own reality, a place where I could be with myself and begin to accept and grow.  I felt a sense of safety with Luella that I never experienced before and, therefore, could tell her things that I couldn't share with anyone else, all the parts I kept hidden.  During Luella's sessions I dropped into a deep state and felt much more connected and relaxed afterward.  The work I did with Luella was an integral part of my healing journey.   I am still unaware of what exactly she does and only know that it is very helpful."

“Luella is a very gifted healer who continues to grow in varied disciplines.  My journey began in 2007 and continued with physical sessions and with distance sessions after I left Manitoba, and both are equally effective.  The sessions themselves are very relaxing but the cumulative effects are outstanding in that one day you just realize you have  changed.  People and situations that once were troublesome no longer seem to be.  Because of her I was finally able to move forward with a lighter heart and I will always be glad that I found her.”